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Actualities: major works of 2014

Here is a list of the major publications dealing with the Roman religion from 2014. I have a copy of Daughters of Hecate that I’m slowly working through for review. – C.

Szabó Csaba

Here is an incomplete list with the most important books published on Roman religion in this year. It is interesting to notice, that even in the case of an exclusive, small discipline such as the study of Roman religion so much works are published in one year (more than 30-40 titles – not counting the hundreds of articles of course).

The work of those people, who are dealing with the current historiography and evolution of the discipline is really hard nowadays: they need to follow hundreds of persons, journals and bibliographical lists to have an idea at least about the tendencies in this age of “publish and perish”.

Hope, that a similar list we can publish next year too.

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