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New Year season

Golden Trail

Some cultores celebrate the start of the new year on March 1st, adhering to practices based on the oldest Roman calendar and which has its most significant trace in the period of purification in February. Others regulate their religious life employing the Julian calendar, which is several days behind its Gregorian version commonly used in modern western societies. In this, there is no uniformity among cultores; personally, however, I never felt the need for anything but today’s civil calendar. I can understand why Hellenic or Kemetic polytheists keep other forms of reckoning time, as both traditions are based on cultures that did it in ways that were (very) different from today’s common system. But as a cultor, I feel right at home with the Gregorian calendar, because it is practically identical to the one used in ancient Rome since the final decades before the Common Era. The only major change…

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