Honouring the Dead

Golden Trail

Parentalia started yesterday and, after the usual morning offerings to my Lares, Penates and Jupiter on the Ides, I also went to a local graveyard and attended the needs of some otherworldly family members. I cleaned the stone slab and flower pot, preparing it for fresh greenery in the weekend, when the almost daily torrential rains are expected to stop and a warm sun to shine. I then poured fresh water over the grave, water I asked Anubis to bless a few days ago during this year’s Cynocephalia, and finally made an offering of wheat and wine, which flowed all over the stone slab and dripped along the edges.

In the next few days, I’ll be repeating the gesture, adding flowers, honey and possibly some music, but I also want to honour my family members who are buried elsewhere, in places that I cannot visit before the 22nd of…

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