Ludi Mercuriales 2015

Golden Trail

If Mercury’s number is four, his day of the week being the fourth for over a thousand years now and tradition saying that He was born on a fourth day, then it makes sense that the first four days of April should be a great time to honour the Swift One. It is, after all, the fourth month of the year and it includes April Fools, which is a fitting date for a Trickster. So a couple of years ago, I started marking these four days as the Ludi Mercuriales or the Games of Mercury.

This year’s preparations started on the end of March. I cleaned his domestic shrine, made four small wreaths, printed wanted posters as part of a prank and glued them on different streets late at night, so as to give people a laugh on the morning of April 1st. When I woke up, as is usual…

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